Whisper Training

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Videos of me and my first horse, Breeze:

Breeze Turn on Forehand

Here I am working on improving our turn on the forehand, first with his neck straight, then counter-bent. This is a great way to increase flexibility and responsiveness in your horse, but it is quite challenging so take it slow and reward the slightest try!

Playing at liberty- no strings attached!

Once you get a horse thinking with you, trusting you, and truly wanting to be with you you no longer need a lead rope t communicate. Horses are amazing super-learners when they are calm and confident! Its a bit muddy out here so he has to trot kind of slow and be careful on the spins.

Breeze lead by tail 100 5361

Here I am asking Breeze to followa feel on his tail and come backwards towards me.

Backwards and forwards should be equal!

Groundwork can be as much fun as riding!


Playing with obstacles in your arena is a great way to prepare your horse for things they might encounter on a trail


Playing stick to me at a canter and then asking for a change of direction with a flying lead change. This is a great way to help your horse get cordinated on the flying changes before asking for them while riding.

Sidways without Reins

Here I am asking Breeze to go sideways and trying not to use my reins.