Whisper Training

Helping Riders Achieve Their Dreams!

My name is Rebekah Nelson and I am the sole proprietor of Whisper Training!

My riding journey began at 13 years old when my sister and I received riding lessons for our birthdays and I was hooked from my first moment on my lesson horse's back! My family lived in the suburbs at the time and had no horse knowledge or background whatsoever, but I was determined that one day I would get my own horse. After several years of lessons, countless hours of volunteering at any boarding stable that would have me so I could learn everything I could about horses and horse care, and riding any horse I could as often as I could, I was able to bring home my first horse, Breeze, in May of 2005.

Breeze had a lot of baggage and training issues and I wasn't nearly a good enough trainer/rider to deal with the issues, so I knew I needed to upgrade my education fast! Having been very impressed by the Parelli Tour Stop I had been to a couple of years before, which included amazing bareback and bridless demonstrations by Linda Parelli, beautiful dressage demos by Karen Rohlf of Dressage, Naturally, and demos by many other incredibly talented riders, I immediately bought the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Home Study program Levels 1 through 3 and worked through it diligently. This program teaches you how to understand how horses think and behave and to train using gentle methods working with the horse's natural instincts and psychology to cause them to WANT to become your partner rather than using force or fear. As I worked the program, Breeze became an amazing partner and my best friend.

In 2007 I took Breeze to the Colorado Parelli Center to study more intensively for 3 months and learned a lot from the wonderful instructors there. Breeze taught me so much about how to understand horses and what trust really is. I lost Breeze to a horrible episode of colic in May 2012. He was the best partner I could have possibly asked for and I miss him so much, but I will never forget everything I learned from him. 

I have worked with hundreds of horses and studied many different training methods since then and have learned so much from each one of them. I continue to be dedicated to never-ended self-improvement and am constantly studying with different trainers, attending clinics, and participating in online training courses to improve my riding, training, and teaching skills. I would love to help you develop a great relationship and a strong bond with your equine partner and achieve all your horsemanship goals and dreams!

*I am not affiliated with the Parelli Corporation in any way other than as a student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship; while this program was extremely influential in my training and riding education, I use a combination of many different training methods and techniques.


Based in Fauquier County, VA